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About HYM.

HYM Drive Systems is a company that is dedicated to shaping the future of e-Mobility by providing innovative and comprehensive solutions to accelerate the adoption of e-mobility in global markets.

HYM’s mission is to provide the best drive system for Electric Mobility Solution, ensuring a comfortable and unique riding experience for all its customers. The company is committed to improving the efficiency, environmental impact, and comfort of transportation through its products.


Ideating, Innovating, Designing and manufacturing the ultimate Motor

HYM motor manufacturing process for electric mobility applications is a combination of engineering and manufacturing expertise, as well as rigorous testing and quality control to ensure that the final product is safe and reliable for use.


The future of cycling propulsion.

The HYM Hub Motors are designed to fit the rear end of the bike.
The motors are designed to fit the specific application and requirements, such as the type of bike, the desired power output, and the desired torque.

We offer drive system units and a turn-key solution for bicycle brands and manufacturers to build the most desirable bikes, from production to delivery to market.


Designing for purpose, performance and people.

 E-mobility motor design philosophy focuses on creating a powerful, yet lightweight and compact motor that can efficiently provide pedal assist to the rider. The motor should be reliable and easy to maintain, with a low cost of ownership. Some important considerations in e-Mobility include the type of motor ( Hub motor), the power output, torque, and efficiency of the motor, as well as the method of integrating the motor into the bike frame. The ideal motor design will also be able to operate smoothly and quietly, with minimal vibrations.